DP151220155:    GEL CANDLE BOX OF 50 UNITS

DP151220155:    GEL CANDLE BOX OF 50 UNITS

This product GEL CANDLE BOX OF 50 UNITS and many more are available wholesale and retail in GATAZUL. Ask for code DP151220155. Enjoy great offers every day!

Ask price and stock availability using the product code DP151220155 by phone (506) 2282-5122 / (506) 2282-6211, or place your order by e-mail at info@softmania.biz. You can also write directly on the form at the end of this article. It will be a pleasure to give you an excellent service.

* The product image is for illustrative purposes only, the final appearance of the product may vary to that shown in the photo. All restrictions apply. The brand GATAZUL and all other trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners.

Category of product: Candles, tapers, tapers and butterflies for lamps, not colored, perfumed or decorated, except paraffin candles. Price plus taxes. Sold by unit.


* Valid Offer until its out of stock. All restrictions apply. Prices do not include taxes or shipping. This information may change without notice.