Change your routine, add novelty and madness to your life
thoughts change routine add novelty madness life
thoughts change routine add novelty madness life

Change your routine, add novelty and madness to your life

Change your routine, add novelty and madness to your life

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Change your routine, add novelty and madness to your life

Change your routine, add novelty and madness to your life Ring ... Ring ... its 5:00 A.M. and the cruel alarm of your alarm clock goes off. You wake up with a tremendous sleep, you pick up the children (if you have them), you prepare breakfast and everyone in your house eats quickly and runs as if desperate because time is not enough for anyone. You see your partner, they kiss and say goodbye to go to work.

This routine is repeated almost perfectly during the week. Afternoons and nights dont change much from each other either. You could almost say that you live on the same day several days a week. Also, cleaning the house, washing, ironing and other pending things.

Routine is that reality that habit makes you live over and over again, turning your life into a set of days practically the same. But have you asked yourself: Is it impossible to break the law of routine? Should it always be like this?

Do you remember your dreams of youth? The places you wanted to visit, the crazy things you wanted to try and especially the person you dreamed of becoming when you grew up? Are you a happy, attractive and full person?

Maybe you saw yourself in the mirror and noticed some lines on your face that you didnt expect for a long time. You are right; time does not spare anyone, but I want to give you a strategy to change your routine and not die trying.

1. Dont try to change your whole day, one part is enough:

It would be a very difficult task to have a completely different day every day of your life. But, if you set aside an hour or two each day to do something different, you will have an injection of novelty that seems magical.

2. Alter the order of your routine:

Even if you do the same routine activities, it will make a difference if you do them in a different sequence and at different times between days.

3. Choose your crazy day:

Select a day every two weeks, or at least, once a month to completely break with your routine and do something new, different and that you want to do.

4. Spread your madness:

It is very likely that your family is also caught in the cycle of routine. Lets go! push them to do something spontaneous. Go out to eat, watch the movie everyone is talking about, play twister, anything, there are no limits.

5. Start reading that book that only stored dust:

Every free time you have between activities, use it to nourish your mind with the knowledge that a good book has. A few lines that you read every time and you will see that you will finish it very soon and you cannot wait to start the next one.

You are how you feel

Make an effort to believe that you are a full person of beauty and sensuality. If you think well of yourself, you will be right. But if you think negatively, you will also be right, because your mind will make it come true. It is worth being positive with yourself.

I want to tell you that monotony destroys, that is why I invite you to follow the steps of this strategy so that you have the necessary strength to face each day as the wonderful and unrepeatable gift that it is. In addition, I recommend that you repeat phrases like the following daily:

I am strong, because I know my weaknesses.

I am brave, because I recognize the illusion of reality.

I have wisdom, because I learned from my mistakes.

I can give love, because I have felt hatred.

I am happy, because I have known sadness.

I have beauty and I accept my flaws as the wonderful person that I am.

A kiss and a hug, wherever you are. Best of luck with your exciting new life!


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